Who is the Baby Lady?

Some things you didn’t know about The Baby Lady. As a mother of 7 let’s go ahead and address some of the most common questions I get about having a large family:

  1. Yes we wanted all of them.
  2. Yes we know what causes it.
  3. I don’t know “how I do it”.
  4. No I do not have college funds set up for them.
  5. Yes they are all mine.
  6. No we are not Catholic.

So now that we got that out of the way and before you say “better you than me”, you should know…

I mess up daily, I sometimes yell (and scream) and yes I am aware that it doesn’t work. I am desperate for an uninterrupted nights sleep and to use the bathroom alone.

BUT I love my family. I have an awesome funny hardworking husband and 7 beautiful children and wouldn’t change a thing. This site is for moms who don’t pretend to have it all together… If you are perfect just leave. If at all possible leave by clicking an affiliate link though!

Finding humor in the chaos…

~The Baby Lady

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