I love hand me downs, thrift store finds and clearance items that I score for next to nothing! Even better, I love turning these nearly free items into easy money on EBay. Craigslist? Not my speed due to the unknown creepy person factor. Instead I have free Priority Mail supplies delivered to my doorstep by my mail lady and then picked up when ready to ship. Not to mention that I have the coolest mail carrier on planet earth.

You would be surprised what is laying around your house that you could sell! Just be careful because if it belongs to the spouse, sometimes they notice. On the up side, my kids pick up their stuff in fear of it becoming my next virtual ad.

You can sell nearly anything on eBay, though if you are trying to unload Twilight star books with pull out bedroom posters, I hope you have better luck than me… I still am going to try Amazon, I haven’t given up yet! Next I will attempt to sell bottles of “Genuine Florida Air” and I will let you know how that goes.

Check out this episode’s “Featured Mom” and entrepreneur, Judy Davis: Blogger, Speaker, Military Spouse Advocate and Suicide Prevention Expert!

The Baby Lady Special Edition

You can’t have a large family without getting a lot of opinions, looks, advice, criticism, judgement and pity. Even within our home!

Watch our live reactions to a positive pregnancy test…

Our family is growing and our responses are varied.

“What are we going to do?” ~ Jeff (the Dad)

Well for starters we need a 12 passenger van, we already don’t all fit in the Sienna (my studio). After that we’ll need prayer, lots and lots of prayer (and diapers).

Enjoy 😆😂😂


The Baby Monitor Hack

Here is an actual life hack that can come in real handy. Episode 6 shows you how you already (probably) have a free HD baby monitor at home and don’t even know it. Portable, cordless and easy you will be wondering why you didn’t think of it first.

Well if your life was utter chaos like mine and you lost your monitor like I did… Maybe you would have.

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Motivating Children

I often get asked, “How do you get your kids to do chores?”

Episode 4 provides real world advice on getting results with your children. Watch as my kids clean the whole house willingly and no it’s not because I am sweet.

No I don’t beat them.

This method is so effective you will wish you tried it sooner, recorded it, played it back in fast motion and made this video yourself.

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