The Fly Tape Incident

When you get the stickiest substance known to man (fly tape) stuck in your hair and have to use industrial strength cleaner to get it out (whereby stripping your hair and losing handfuls in the process)… and your husband thinks it’s downright hilarious.

No makeup or scripting in this one, just seized the opportunity to get a laugh at my own expense.  😜



The Baby Lady Special Edition

You can’t have a large family without getting a lot of opinions, looks, advice, criticism, judgement and pity. Even within our home!

Watch our live reactions to a positive pregnancy test…

Our family is growing and our responses are varied.

“What are we going to do?” ~ Jeff (the Dad)

Well for starters we need a 12 passenger van, we already don’t all fit in the Sienna (my studio). After that we’ll need prayer, lots and lots of prayer (and diapers).

Enjoy 😆😂😂