The Baby Monitor Hack

Here is an actual life hack that can come in real handy. Episode 6 shows you how you already (probably) have a free HD baby monitor at home and don’t even know it. Portable, cordless and easy you will be wondering why you didn’t think of it first.

Well if your life was utter chaos like mine and you lost your monitor like I did… Maybe you would have.

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Keeping up with Baby

While the world is watching the Kardashians or worrying about the Jones, I am just trying to keep up with my baby. I know I should be eating right and resting often… I reveal the truth about how to parent six kids while constantly on the run after a speedy toddler. You will be surprised what my secret weapon is.

Fresh fruits? Kale?

The suspense killing you yet? Watch if you can handle the cuteness…

The Back Carry

Well here is the original inspiration, The Baby Lady episode 1. Thinking I was going to do some type of instructional video this one morphed into a demonstration and set the ball rolling for my new passion, video making. Made 100% on a smartphone and on a whim this was the birth of The Baby Lady.

Here you will see, I have mad skills. (For having babies and wearing them…) Hey, everyone is good at something. Used in this video, the Ergo baby carrier, the Cadillac of carriers in my experience.