The Baby Lady Special Edition

You can’t have a large family without getting a lot of opinions, looks, advice, criticism, judgement and pity. Even within our home!

Watch our live reactions to a positive pregnancy test…

Our family is growing and our responses are varied.

“What are we going to do?” ~ Jeff (the Dad)

Well for starters we need a 12 passenger van, we already don’t all fit in the Sienna (my studio). After that we’ll need prayer, lots and lots of prayer (and diapers).

Enjoy 😆😂😂


The Baby Monitor Hack

Here is an actual life hack that can come in real handy. Episode 6 shows you how you already (probably) have a free HD baby monitor at home and don’t even know it. Portable, cordless and easy you will be wondering why you didn’t think of it first.

Well if your life was utter chaos like mine and you lost your monitor like I did… Maybe you would have.

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Motivating Children

I often get asked, “How do you get your kids to do chores?”

Episode 4 provides real world advice on getting results with your children. Watch as my kids clean the whole house willingly and no it’s not because I am sweet.

No I don’t beat them.

This method is so effective you will wish you tried it sooner, recorded it, played it back in fast motion and made this video yourself.

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Don’t Say It

“Once you have six babies I think you pretty much get to be the authority on what is ok and not ok to say to a pregnant lady…”

Eposode 3 is for the pregnant ladies… and for anyone who ever thought of saying something stupid to a pregnant lady. In this video we look at some of the most common and unnecessary remarks made to pregnant woman.

I am not trying to insult anyone, think of it more as a public safety announcement. Pregnant woman are highly unpredictable so use this video guide for your protection.

Next time you are face to face with a large belly remember:

No she didn’t swallow a basketball…

She’s probably not carrying twins and

surely she knows how babies are made.