This is Us, The Many Personalities of The Baby Lady aka Fiber Makes You Fart

The past may not define us, but it certainly can shape us. Sure there is a part of us that loves to work out and eat healthy, there is also the part that loves to study and a part that likes to follow the rules. We may have a more dominant aspect to our personality that sits shotgun. Here is a funny look at some of the personality traits that shape who is, The Baby Lady, each one incarnated into its own person.

This is Us; The Baby Lady and her many personalities.

Like the battle between the flesh and the Spirit, so it is that we fight against ourselves and our very natures. Check out a humorous look at how many different personalities make up “The Baby Lady”









Old Me Vs New Me, aka Conversation with my past self…

So yeah, a lot changes in 13 years. Especially when you’ve had 7 children in that time span.  So here is a hypothetical (or is it?!) conversation with my past self.

I get to have a sit down with me when I had only 1 child and discuss different parenting and lifestyle choices.

Give it a watch and a share, let me know if it makes you giggle!

Love, The Baby Lady

6 Dark Truths About Motherhood

You had your baby shower… your infant clothes are placed neatly in the drawer and the nursery is ready to receive your little angel. Congratulations!

Nothing is as awesome as the joy of a new baby.

Well naps… those are almost as awesome.  Naps and coffee.

Praying you will one day get a night of uninterrupted sleep! Hope you enjoy this video, well I guess it’s not for you “New Mom”. You will hate it. This video is for you, “Experienced Mom”. You are the one who can relate to me, “New Mom” you might want to turn away. Ignorance is bliss.